Do You Dare To Think Forbidden Thoughts?

In a world gone mad with special snowflakes, SJWs, Thought Police, and message fiction, there is one band of authors that stand against it all; refusing to bow before the tidal wave of the narrative.

There are many, readers and authors alike, that are tired of being told what they can and can’t write and read. That they must check all the boxes and post all the trigger warnings. That they must only agree with the Right Think. And that they never EVER even think about having different opinions, lest the mob come down on them with shouts of racist! sexist! Homophobe!

We’re sick of that. We don’t want message fiction, we want GOOD fiction. We want to be entertained, not bashed over the head with propaganda. We want diversity in fiction. But not racism disguised as diversity (like only reading, or not reading, authors because of their sex or skin color.) We want diversity in thought. Especially in science fiction.

That is what our genre is all about! Speculating about society and the future, wondering “what if?” and not shying away from difficult questions. No, we want to explore those questions, challenge those question, and answer them in our own way.  We want stories that are enjoyable and well crafted. We want stories that challenge our ideas and ideologies, and want to be able to write things that challenge even the most accepted trends in our times.  We want stories…. That. Make. Us. Think.

To censor is to murder free thought. And to murder free thought is to destroy our beloved genre.  And without our writers of science fiction speculating and wondering and weaving stories, who will dare dream of the future in a world so obsessed with itself?

This is why Forbidden Thoughts was created. We wanted to write stories that go so far against the grain, that it wakes people to the censorship that is taking hold in the publishing world. We wanted to write stories that challenge the ideals of today. Why? Because we can. And because it’s needed.

So if you are also weary of the same tripe being forced in your entertainment, if you want good stories and challenging outlooks, if you miss what science fiction used to be about, go check out a copy of this anthology. Available on Kindle for the price of a cup of coffee, and coming soon in paperback form. Plus, on January 20th, we will be having a release party live chat over at the SuperversiveSF blog.

Featuring  a foreword by Milo Yiannopoulos, and stories by:

Vox Day,

John C. Wright,

L. Jagi Lamplighter,

Brian Niemeier,

Sarah A. Hoyt,

Nick Cole,

And many more, including yours truly.

WARNING: Not recommended for special snowflakes, for there are no safe spaces here!

-This message brought to you by author A.M. Freeman 

You are not supposed to read this book.
You are not supposed to think about reading this book.
In fact, just plain thinking at all is unacceptable.
You have been warned….

From hilarious to horrifying to dangerously insightful, a selection of stories that must not be told, for they slaughter the sacred cows of our age.

Do you dare read them?

Get your Forbidden Thoughts Here!


BOOK BOMB! for Nethereal: Wednesday, May 18th

Quick but huge update!

International Lord of Hate Larry Correia has decreed a Book Bomb! for my first novel, Nethereal on May 18th.

The way a Book Bomb! works is for as many people as possible to buy the book on Amazon on the same day. That drives up the title’s ranking, gets Amazon’s algorithm to promote the book, and most importantly, helps the author GET PAID.

Mark your calendar and tell your friends. Nethereal storms Amazon next Wednesday.

Superversive Roundtable, SJW’s in SF

We have a special SuperversiveSF roundtable coming up chatting about the influence of SJW’s in Writing today, the World Fantasy Awards, Sad Puppies 4 and anything else we think of to talk about. If all goes well, we will have special guest Milo Yiannopolis from Breitbart joining us. We are scheduled to begin at around 11pm GMT.

“God, Robot” has been officially accepted!

I am pleased to announce that Castalia House has agreed to publish the anthology/collaborative novel “God, Robot”! The book is the epic tale of the theological robots, spanning over 4,000 years from the creation of the first theo-bot brain until their role in deciding the fate of the galaxy. It features ten stories by eight different authors, including:

  • Anthony Marchetta (myself), author of the critically acclaimed short story “Take Up Your Cross” and the critically acclaimed article “The Philosophy of ‘Serenity'”, among other things*
  • Joan Levine, a highly talented newcomer who will have two stories appearing in the anthology
  • Steve Rzasa, author of the Hugo nominated short story “Turncoat”, among other things
  • John C. Wright, who hardly needs an introduction here, but is the author of a record-tying number of Hugo works and the Nebula nominated “Orphans of Chaos”, among other things (I will note in passing that it was his blog post that sparked the idea for the book)
  • Josh Young, a fellow Superversive writer and author of the short stories “Domo” and “The God Eaters”, among others. He will soon have his book “Do Buddhas Dream of Enlightened Sheep?” published by Castalia House
  • EJ Shumak, a fellow superversive writer and author of the short stories “Bunny Rabbit” and “Precious Games, among others
  • Vox Day, another man who hardly needs an introduction but is the author of the fantasy novel “A Throne of Bones” and the critically acclaimed non-fiction title “SJWs Always Lie”, among other things**
  • And our very own L. Jagi Lamplighter, author of the Rachel Griffin series of juveniles as well as her critically acclaimed Prospero series, among other things***

The book is edited by myself and my assistant editor, my younger sister Mariel Marchetta. And I will quickly note that I do, indeed, consider the book superversive – and Lamplighter superversive to boot.

Don’t expect the book to be out for a few months yet, but you CAN officially get excited for it.

Whoo hoo!

*Okay, they each only got a single review each, but both of them were positive, so technically…

**His book really is critically acclaimed – check out Amazon

***Also actually critically acclaimed