Signal Boost — Where Angels Die

Another marvelous tale by Mr. Superversive himself, the lyrical Tom Simon!

‘A demon is the spirit of a bad idea. The Taken are just its victims. If they kill you, you lose. If you kill them – you lose. The only way to win is to kill the idea itself. That’s where we come in.’

Enter Revel Enfield: paladin, exorcist, Knight of the Covenant of Justice.

Every enemy is hidden.

Every friend can be turned.

Even the Angels of Life can be killed.

This is his war.


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Signal Boost: The Ironwood Staff

The Ironwood Staff by J. H. Hamilton

This is a Superversive book. The story is like a high fantasy set in Africa with Zen elves, but the progressive ideas of the villains and the way in which evil corrupts and spreads, as well as what the hero must do to fight it, lends a Superversive thread to this simple fantasy.

Tomas the Lame was a scribe, until the goblinish Kchabani invaded his home, sacking the library and enslaving the people. Escaping to the eladi in their forest home, he fought back until he was injured and unable to fight.

When the eladi found he had strange gifts in communicating with animals, he thought he had a new life as a Magus – what he didn’t know was that the invaders were seeking him by dark arts and vile monsters, putting his new friends and new love in danger.

On a desperate mission to the cold, wet south of the world, Tomas joins a party seeking the aid of an eladi king, leader of a people who have hidden themselves from the rest of the world for centuries. Will the southern eladi help? And, will they be in time to save the Sunlands from the kchaban hordes?

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New Feature–Signal Boost Monday!

We will be doing some new features. Monday will include some signal boosting and book reviews. Today, we have the monthly CLFA BOOKNADO! — these are books from authors who are part of the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance that are new or on sale.

February Booknado! New & On Sale and FREE Books from CLFA

Today is day 2 of the February CLFA Booknado (they usually do Monday-Tuesday but moved it a day up because of Valentine’s Day).
Three new releases and three 99c books and two FREE books!
Remember, prices are only guaranteed for today, so don’t dawdle!
Love at First Bite #3
Capt. Nancy Martin #2
Dystopian Gunslinger
ON SALE!  — $.99
Zombie Apocalypse
Fringe meets Narnia at Hogwarts
Second Book of Unexpected Enlightenment
Storms of Transformation #1
And, last but not least, a book with a great title from
 FORBIDDEN THOUGHTS author, Jane Lebak
Fr. Jay #1