Caption This! week #2

Welcome back! In case you missed it, Caption This is a new game on the SuperversiveSF blog.

The rules are simple: Look at this week’s picture, think of a funny/witty/amusing caption, and post that caption in the comments below! Here’s your picture, 1… 2… 3… GO!



And congratulations to last week’s winner: Astrosorceror

New To SuprversiveSF: Caption This!

Hello all!

I will be hosting a new weekly feature here on the SuperversiveSF blog. It’s a game of sorts, and I encourage anyone and everyone to participate!

The rules are simple:

  1. Every Wednesdays I shall post a picture, either humorous, impressive, or just freaky.
  2. Post your caption for the picture in the comments.
  3. The best caption, as voted on by members of the SupereveriseSF blog, will be announced the following week, along with a new picture!

BONUS POINTS: Feel free to send in pictures of your own. The more participation the better! (and it makes my job easier ;-D )



Here’s your first picture. Let the games begin!!

The Music of the Spheres

The Music of the Spheres

by David Hallquist

What is SpaceEngine? It’s not a game: you don’t fight alien armadas or rescue a space princess from the vilest gangster in the galaxy. Its not a simulator: you don’t balance how much hydrogen you have left in your tanks as you try to circularize your elliptical orbit. It’s just the raw experience of deep space in all of its wonder and majesty.

I′ve always imagined exploring the distant stars, coasting though Saturn’s rings, viewing the deadly heart of the galaxy or the burning ember of a super-nova. Now you can see it. Other planets, stars, exo-planets, black holes, other galaxies. It’s all here.

I would go into more detail: but there are stars that need exploring…

Gratuitous Spacebattles 2 is coming!

Gratuitous Spacebattles is a wonderful game from Positech Games that consists of designing fleets of space ships and then you give orders and then sitting back and watching the battle play out. The battle plays out and you get to watch in all its gratuitously beautiful eye candy as the ships blast away at each other. Gratuitous Spacebattles 2 promises to be more of the same, but even explodier! (Yes that is now a word!)